WIP: Sarah Jaihe Lee Logo


Hope you had a lovely weekend. We're getting lots of snowstorms up here in Boston–it seriously never stops! This is the time of year I dread the most and look for ways to escape the crazy cold. Thankfully I won't be in town this weekend for the 2 degree weather!

I wanted to share with you my work in progress for Sarah. She wanted to update her personal blog with a new logo, so here's what we came up with so far:

Super excited to see which sketch she picks out so we can clean things up and put in the final touches.

Stay safe and warm!


Sneak Peek: Baby T Photoshoot

Happy weekend, friends!

I spent my morning taking pictures of this little guy:

He pretty much had the best facial expressions. So tiny and so cute!

Freebie: Recipe Card

Hi there!

It's been such a long week, right? I am sooo ready for the weekend! I have another baby photoshoot coming up (praying for sunshine on Saturday) and am also getting a mood board ready for a logo design. Lately it seems like it's one thing after the other–sometimes I really have to stop and tell myself to just breathe!

Here's a freebie I wanted to share with all the cooks out there. Or, if you're like me, you just like these because lists are your thing and you really can't remember anything.

Oh yeah...

I still have this thing!

I feel like every blog post for the past 2 years I've had this thing begins with something along the lines of, "I'm still here."

Well, I'm still here! And for some reason, I make this crazy new years resolution every time that I'm going to blog more or that I'm going to be super consistent with updating. And every time, without fail, IT IS A HUGE FAIL. So this time around, I'm not making any promises. But I will try my very best to keep things fresh around here–especially because there are so many exciting projects lined up right now. Like, I'm talking more baby pictures, wedding paper and logo designs coming very soon!

For now, I want to share with you a design guideline I made for Rachel and Andrew, two sweet friends of mine who are to be married in just a couple of weeks (yay!). In the past, I never really designed "guidelines" for wedding paper–I just went with it! This is a new approach for me that I want to start practicing more this year–seriously taking time to create mood boards and envisioning colors, textures, etc. before jumping into anything.

This was a pretty easy way to start because we have a super minimalist theme here, so no textures, no patterns. Just navy paint and hand lettered/drawn everything and simplicity–something that was very refreshing for me to design, and quite frankly, one of my favorites because it's exactly my style, too!



San Francisco

A few of my favorite shots from my trip to San Francisco last week:

I wish I took more, but I was too busy eating ice cream! Speaking of ice cream, a few friends have asked me which places were my favorite, so here's my list from BESTEST to BEST (because honestly, it was all delicious):

  1. Bi-Rite (Their Blue Bottle coffee with Alfieri almonds and chocolate chips flavor on top of creme brûlée ice cream...)
  2. Smitten
  3. Ici
  4. Meadowlark (Does this count? Not sure.)
  5. Humphry Slocombe

I'll be back, San Francisco!


Loving Lately

Hi, Friday!

Seems like it takes forever to get to Fridays lately, but I'm really, really trying not to live for the weekends but rather, enjoy each little moment as I get there. Last night I watched Inside Out (go watch it--every single one of you!) and ate chicken fingers and french fries for dinner, and for some reason I was so stinking happy to just be watching a movie and eating chicken fingers on a Thursday night. Sometimes the littlest things during a long week are all it takes to brighten everything up!

Leaving you with a few of my favorite things from this week. (Um, horizon--I need you on my walls asap!)

Baby Photoshoot

Hi there! I hope you had a nice weekend! I spent the majority of it outdoors. Really loving the weather in Boston lately. I also spent my Saturday morning taking pictures of the loveliest parents and their sweetest newborn baby girl! Thankfully the weather was beautiful and we were able to get plenty of natural lighting in the loft. (Thank you, Jason, for letting us use your space! It's seriously my favorite!)

I was a bit nervous because this was my first time taking baby pictures, and I wanted to be absolutely positive that everything was safe for the baby. I did my research and ended up learning so much about different techniques and styles photographers use for baby pictures. For instance, it didn't really occur to me that all those cute pictures of babies with their sleepy heads propped up on their hands are actually photoshopped like crazy. Like no duh babies don't have that neck strength yet, so the photographer will hold the baby's head up with their thumb and index finger and then stamp that out later. Photography is something I'm really new to but am adding to my list of things-to-get-better-at. I'm always thankful for friends who give me these awesome opportunities to take pictures of them!

These pictures are really special to me because I got to watch Mama Grace's belly grow since the very beginning of her pregnancy! And now that baby girl is here, she certainly is loved from head to toe--you can see it in these pictures below!

Too much cute I'm gonna die!


Grace & David Wedding Paper

Happy Wednesday! I wanted to share with you a wedding invitation that I worked on a few months ago for a special friend of mine.

Grace has been my friend for 5 years now and was my college roommate for 2 of those years! So of course I was delighted when she asked me to do her wedding paper.  I remember those nights we would stay up and talk about what we wanted our weddings to be like before the both of us were even dating. And now it's really happening, and I couldn't be happier for her and David! (Love you, Grace!) 

I've taken quite a hiatus from blogging and designing, partly because I've had to adjust to a new job. I also have been letting the busyness of life get the best of me, and I just haven't been able to keep up. I do, however, want to kick things back up around here and continue using this space as my creative outlet!

More exciting things to come!