2013 Was Good to Me

The first one is always tricky, but it certainly came at a good time--the very end of the year. It will be the only one I write in 2013, so I'll try to make it special.

So, welcome! I created this little space mainly for portfolio purposes but thought with the new year coming up, I should start fresh with writing, too. I'm terrible at committing to these things, but now that my name is written all over this place, I'll have to keep up with it. (New Year's Resolution #6) 


At the end of each year, I always have a moment where I marvel over all the things that made sense. 2013 was truly a year full of affirmations--only by God's grace. Even in the midst of so much confusion and failing to trust Him repeatedly, my life was (and is and always will be) brimming with His love and faithfulness. I see it now, but I didn't see it then. It always takes cheesy end-of-the-year reflections for me to realize these truths.

That's why in 2014, I would like to be more quick to see His boundless grace for me. I would also like to:

  • challenge myself to new depths -- run faster, try harder academically (only one semester left), apply to the scary job positions
  • engage with more strangers -- I'd have to elaborate on this in person
  • go on at least one mission trip -- at least one
  • stop sucking so much as a daughter, sister and friend -- I recycle this one every year
  • be more creative -- write more, bake more, design more, photograph more

Thanks, 2013, for being so good to me. 

On to the next one! Happy New Year, friend!

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