Another Day Well Spent (literally)

Promises to myself are rarely ever kept; however, now that I'm entering the "real world" after this semester, I figured it would be a good idea to practice budgeting my $$$. I vow to not splurge on useless trinkets for the next few months and to eat all my groceries before I even think about scribbling down another list.

Except maybe on Fridays, because we all love Fridays.

Heidi and I spent the afternoon chatting over warm kale salad wraps and banoffee pie ice cream from Root and FoMu. Ah, Root and FoMu (pronounced "faux-moo"), my favorite little duo. It's always a winning combination. Both are located in Allston's Union Square, right next to one of my favorite lounges. Root is fairly new to Boston and sweet Jesus, I am so glad it came. It's like the cutest farm-to-table eatery embellished with copper tables and mason jars. And as if coconut-based alternative ice cream didn't already have me at hello, FoMu's flavor combos make my taste buds happy little campers. The Rice Honey Lavender...I am smitten!

Happy Friday, friends.