Sunday Love Designs (& Growing Pains)

Sunday Love Designs Logo Process 1.png

Today I am especially thankful for the tablet my friends got me for my birthday last year. When I'm creating handlettered logos (i.e. clicking COMMAND + Z every 5 seconds), it sure does come in handy ;) Thank you, friends! I love my tablet as much as I did a year ago and have a feeling that's never going to change.

So, Sunday Love Designs. Miss Jennifer, owner of Sunday Love (also my Sunday School teacher from awkward middle school days), contacted me about designing a logo for her. I have memories of her loving our group of girls so well, and l am extremely glad we were able to reconnect through my blog. Through this process, I learned that the word "Sunday" is a lot of fun! I struggle with the letter S sometimes so it was nice to get a little penmanship practice in. Here are the logos I created for her adorable monogram company. I'm excited to move forward with this project--thank you Miss Jennifer for the opportunity!

I say this every December and I'm going to say it again and again for the rest of my life but wow, I can't believe this year is almost over. It's weird to think December 30th marks's first birthday. Almost a year ago, I came into this with ambitions to design and create, and although recently I've had second thoughts about keeping my blog, I've realized that this place has been such a great avenue for me to get connected with people. It would feel like such a waste if I didn't keep going! That being said, I've decided to stay and will hopefully bring a lot more excitement within the next year.

And with just a few weeks left of 2014, I can't help but want to close it out on a happy note. This month so far has been a trying one to say the least! It turns out that anger and impatience are two of a kind, and I most certainly have been exuding both characteristics quite beautifully.

Growing pains are real and they hurt. 

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