Olde Aspen (& things I'm currently learning)


I took an incredible opportunity to revamp the logo and web design for Olde Aspen, a watch band accessory shop. It's still under maintenance, so in the meantime, go buy a new strap for your Timex! (My heart loves this one.) 

Things have been overwhelmingly busy and hectic lately! But the strange thing is, I kind of like it. In fact, I kind of like it so much that I find myself adding more "routine" activities to my schedule. I've started looking forward to my 5:30 am morning jogs to Brookline and then an hour of Pure Barre with Jenn. (Sleeping in your workout clothes definitely helps, girlfriend.) Normally, I am one to crawl under my bed and cry in between fits of panic attacks when I have too much on my plate, but I'm realizing that being busy can be fun--especially when you're doing all sorts of things you're passionate about. 

As I was working on Olde Aspen's logos the other night, it really hit me that I have a LONG way to go in terms of discovering my style and refining my work. And I'm talking like trekking through miles and miles and mountains upon mountains before I think I will ever be able to confidently say, "Okay. This is it." But you know, I've learned to accept that it's okay. It's more than okay that I'm sort of all over the place. I'm finding a lot of joy in being at a place where I'm constantly wrestling with and challenging myself. 

Ew, I sound like an old woman.

Really though, I think the best part of this season is getting to try a little bit of everything. (Yeah, I'm that girl who wants to sample every single flavor at an ice cream shop before I pick one.) I ask myself questions like, "Should I use font or handlettering?" So I try both. "Should I create vectors or freehand the whole thing?" So I try both. And if it doesn't work? I'll try again.

One of these days, I know I'm going to have to narrow my focus down to one thing. But until then, let the hiccups and mess-ups commence!


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