Hello! Yes, I'm still here!

I've neglected this little corner of the internet because I just can't keep up with my to-do list these days. Projects, presentations, midterms, meetings...It's non-stop! And can you believe it's almost MARCH? March. That means, well, 1. Spring Break (Hello, Cancun!) and 2. I only have a little less than three months left of college...What? Denial mode: on.

So a few weeks ago, I took on a logo design opportunity from Maylilies, the sweetest handcrafted jewelry shop. And today on the blog, I want to take you guys through my design process!

First of all, my heart was overflowing with excitement after Sunny, the shop owner, contacted me because I've seen her blog and store before and instantly became a fan. Maylilies is that one-of-a-kind jewelry shop you discover by pure serendipity. I told Sunny that this peach bead necklace is something I've been looking for all my life but could never find. Everything in her store is dreamy and delicate--two aspects I definitely wanted to incorporate in the logo.


When designing, I like to make around 5-6 variations so we have some options to work with. Sunny requested something simple and clean, so there really was no reason for me to go crazy with shapes and colors. After she picked the one on the bottom (also my favorite one!), I took some time to fine-tune everything and ta-da! Here we have the final product.

Oh, and can't forget the business cards!


Thanks, Sunny, for being so patient and kind throughout the entire process!

Be sure to follow her beautiful Instagram as well!

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