One Long Overdue Update

Remember way back in January when I made this thing and I resolved to write often?

Well, lots happened between the months of April and May. Lots. And though I hate that I didn't keep up with one of my favorite resolutions, it's never too late to start back up, right? We'll consider this a mid-year checkup and move forth from there.

So let's rewind. The last time I was here, I was at Walden Pond. After my little getaway, I remember all of a sudden being swamped with final papers and projects. So basically, the majority of April was all about wrapping up my last semester of college ever (ever!) One day, I'd be researching statistics on sperm and egg donations for my Medical Markets class, and another day I'd be staying up all night putting the final touches to my iPad app concept for my New Media and Design class. Other days, I'd be working on logos, wedding invitations, photo editing, etc.

And then just like that, I graduated! College is all over now, and I think I'm still letting that sink in.

Fast forward.

I decided to stay in Boston. I landed a design internship with Harvard Business Review. I survived my first week. Some things that I've learned so far:

  • Commuting is not fun.
  • Always bring a book for your commute. 
  • Bring another one for the commute back home because you'll most likely finish the first one on your morning commute.
  • Print design is fascinating.
  • Digital design is fascinating.
  • The process of Print --> Digital design is fascinating. And nuts! It's seriously crazy how much our world is changing. This deserves a whole blog post to itself.

And now we're here! I had no idea how beautiful Boston summers are. I feel so lucky that I am still able to call Boston my home. As weird as it feels to be done with college, I'm excited to start a new adventure. I'll be here as long as you'll have me, Boston!

Until next time!

(Cheesy ending, I know, but it's the only thing I could think of right now. I'm exhausted!)

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