Philly Love

The best trips are ones that are spontaneous, involve good food and even better company! This weekend, I took a trip down to Philadelphia with my favorite people. I've never been before, so kicking off the new year with a quick road trip was an exciting way to greet 2015. We didn't have a lot of time to plan, so I'm especially thankful for friends from the area who gave us a list of places to check out. (Thanks, JPak & Jason!)


We dropped off our bags at our hotel downtown around midnight and made our way over to Frankford Hall. After 6 hours in the car and a pit stop in New Jersey because of minor car troubles, all we could think about was grabbing a beer and pigging out. I loved everything about Frankford Hall--I wish there was something like this in Boston!

It rained all day Saturday, but I think it made Philly that much more charming. We spent the morning visiting all the hot spots--LOVE Statue, City Hall, the Libery Bell, etc.

And of course cheesesteaks because...cheesesteaks! We chose Pat's over Geno's. (Sorry, Geno's--next time.) Right after, we shared Lorenzo & Sons, and let's just say this pizza has made its way up to my Top 3 Best Pizza I've Ever Had list. I would go back just to get another slice (or two) for myself. 

We stopped by Reading Terminal after lunch, and now I have serious regrets about not trying Dinic's after all the OMGs you didn't try Dinic's?! we got when we came back to Boston. We were so stuffed!

My favorite part of the trip after all the food was visiting the Museum of Art. It was huge! There were so many exhibits and not enough time to enjoy all of it. I also bumped into one of my best friends from college. What a pleasant surprise that was! (It wasn't a surprise, really. I knew she was visiting Philly that same weekend so I had to see her even if it was just for a few minutes!)

This little road trip to Philly just made me itchy for traveling more. Hopefully in 2015, there will be a lot more opportunities to do so since I don't travel as much as I wish I could. With the holiday season dwindling down back in Boston, I'm already looking forward to my next getaway in Killington for my first snowboarding trip in a few weeks. I'm not going to let the horror stories of learning how to snowboard get in my way of being excited about it!

And after all those cheesesteaks on top of all the food I devoured since Christmas, my body is screaming for a cleanse. Today is the first day of a 30 Day Paleo Challenge I'm doing with my community. We've got spreadsheets, calendars, rules and a point system going on to keep us motivated. Normally, I am terrified of these kinds of things, but my pants are so tight and my cheeks are so out of control that I've got to do something about it. 2015 will be cleaner and healthier! 


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