Oh yeah...

I still have this thing!

I feel like every blog post for the past 2 years I've had this thing begins with something along the lines of, "I'm still here."

Well, I'm still here! And for some reason, I make this crazy new years resolution every time that I'm going to blog more or that I'm going to be super consistent with updating. And every time, without fail, IT IS A HUGE FAIL. So this time around, I'm not making any promises. But I will try my very best to keep things fresh around here–especially because there are so many exciting projects lined up right now. Like, I'm talking more baby pictures, wedding paper and logo designs coming very soon!

For now, I want to share with you a design guideline I made for Rachel and Andrew, two sweet friends of mine who are to be married in just a couple of weeks (yay!). In the past, I never really designed "guidelines" for wedding paper–I just went with it! This is a new approach for me that I want to start practicing more this year–seriously taking time to create mood boards and envisioning colors, textures, etc. before jumping into anything.

This was a pretty easy way to start because we have a super minimalist theme here, so no textures, no patterns. Just navy paint and hand lettered/drawn everything and simplicity–something that was very refreshing for me to design, and quite frankly, one of my favorites because it's exactly my style, too!



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