Hey y'all!

This past weekend I took a trip down to Alabama for a sweet old friend's wedding! It had been nearly 6 years since I've stepped foot in my hometown–crazy! It was so great to catch up with old friends and, of course, celebrate the beautiful marriage of someone near and dear to my heart. I was giggling like a maniac while Pete drove through town because so much had changed, but then again it didn't (like Lil' Rosies–still amazing). We decided to make a trip out of it and stop by Nashville for just the day because there's hot chicken there, and I'll pretty much do anything to get my hot chicken fix. It was literally a food marathon! Here are some snaps from our trip (mainly food–I was supposed to use my DSLR but ended up taking maybe 5 pictures on that thing...I'm getting lazy!)


Next adventure will be Portland, Maine in a couple of weeks–let me know if I should see and eat anything in particular!